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The only way to get what you really want is to let go of what you don’t want.

Keynote or Panelist

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Iyanla Vanzant

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Jackie Williams will motivate and empower your audience with her

'4 Levels to Elevation.' Your audience will be inspired to move forward to live the life they deserve.

Jackie's talking points:

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs to find your voice

  • Financial literacy

  • Moving from suffering to success

  • Strategic goal setting

  • Identifying and qualifying your village

L.O.V.E. was born from an epiphany of being lifted up by others at the end of life.

It takes 6-8 pallbearers to lift you up when you’re deceased. Imagine what you could accomplish if you had 6 people lifting you up during the most critical times in your life. How impactful would that be?

Yes, imagine what you could accomplish!

Lifting Others thru Vision and Empowerment by identifying and qualifying those that lift you in life and those that you lift.

"L.O.V.E. lifts!"

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